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Littlefield, TX

Continental Dairy Facilities Southwest

Continental Dairy Facilities Southwest is is a state of the art powder milk and butter facility that will produce over 300,000 pounds of dry nonfat milk per day. We broke ground on this facility in the summer of 2016 and it is projected to begin operations in March 2019. We will post updates about the construction progress as the details become available.

February 2019


Safety: no incidents to report - 1,035,540 hours worked to date.
Construction: General Update

  • Main utilities are complete and CDFSW staff continues to monitor all systems.
  • All inspection critical items are complete including hand dryers, balancing of hot water loop, essential caulking and warehouse floor repairs.
  • Last minute steam pressure/piping changes requested by process vendor have been designed and modified.
  • Door installations are complete throughout the plant.
  • Main office building construction has resumed and office furniture will be installed by end of March.
  • Final site cleanup is ongoing as crews demobilize and remove items from site.
  • Handrail installation is complete in all areas.
  • Last minute design and implementation of industrial RO system for incoming city water is underway.
  • Punch list work has begun and will likely continue through April.
  • Texas Department of Health inspection is complete.
  • USDA inspection is complete.
  • IMS inspection is complete.
  • Milk receiving and wet process areas are commissioned on water and product commissioning has begun with first load of milk received on March 21, 2019.
  • RO milk system membranes have been loaded and product commissioning has begun.
  • Butter equipment is commissioned on water and product commissioning has begun.
  • Powder packaging equipment installation is complete and vendors are prepared to finish commissioning during first product runs.
  • Tetra Pak training program is mostly complete and results are very positive.
  • Passivation activities complete.